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> To: Dave Page
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> Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Win32 Thread safetyness
> Well, actually I tried to run configure --enable-thread-safety on a
> MinGW platform and got:
>       configure: error: pthread.h not found, required for 
> --enable-thread-safety
>       You need to run the 'configure' program first. See the file
>       'INSTALL' for installation instructions.
>       make: *** [all] Error 1
> Can we not compile --enable-thread-safety without pthreads on 
> Win32?  I
> am thinking that is true because we are going to need 
> pthreads for ecpg.

Correct - it is needed for ecpg, but not libpq.
> > Anyhoo, I can patch ecpglib to use the full pthreads with 
> my hack above
> > if people think that is the way to go for the time being.
> OK.

Attached (without the hack). Libpq will use it's minimal pthread
implementation, ecpg will use pthreadGC2.

You'll need to run autoconf after applying.

Regards, Dave.

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