Oliver Jowett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> We could just log (already done inside pq_*, IIRC) and continue, instead
> of erroring out. It's just the way it is because I personally prefer
> misconfigurations to break loudly, so you have to fix them ;-)

Well, dropping the connection with no message (except in the postmaster
log, which is equivalent to /dev/null for way too many people) isn't
my idea of how to complain "loudly".  It just makes the software look

I'm not sure if we can issue a notice that will be seen on the client
side at this point in the startup cycle.  I seem to recall the protocol
document advising against sending NOTICEs during the authentication
cycle.  So the postmaster-log message may be the best we can do ...
but I don't think we should drop the connection.

                        regards, tom lane

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