Tom Lane wrote:
As far as I could tell by eyeball, you are simply moving the section out
to be a separate chapter and a separate file, without changing any text?

Sorry, I should have noted that explicitly in my original email. The vast majority of the patch is just moving the same text to a separate file and chapter, and then fixing the resulting fallout. I also tweaked a few areas in the text where appropriate ("This subsection" -> "This section" and similar).

This was agreed to in the above thread (or at least no one objected),
but I thought we'd also agreed to provide some sort of alphabetical list
of the config parameters, perhaps similar to the table at the front of
the "System Catalogs" chapter.

Oh, there is definitely room for more improvement on this front -- Josh has some concrete ideas for changes he wants to make, I believe. I just submitted this to get it into the tree so that subsequent patches will be easier to review and less likely to drift.


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