Robert Treat wrote:
> Attached patch takes a swing at improving the autovacuum wording in 
> maintenance.sgml. 

Thanks, applied.

> On a related note I was thinking to add a note in the runtime config section 
> for autovacuum_enabled that stats_start_collector and stats_row_level must be 
> on for enabled to work, would that still go in runtime.sgml ?

Yes, that is config.sgml now.  Added.

> On a related note to that, I am wondering if it might be better to have the 
> postmaster issue a fatal error on startup if autovacuum is on and stats are 
> off, rather than the warning it does now. ISTM it is very easy to miss that 
> warning (since it is only sent to stderr and not stout afaict) and looking in 
> pg_settings there would be no indication that anything was wrong, other than 
> autovacuum being set to off (perhaps if it was set to 'error, stats disabled' 
> or some such it might be better?)

I don't think we usually fail on startup unless there is a major
problem.  When people modify postgresql.conf, they better check the
server log file after startup.

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