Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> I looked over the patch, and while it does fix the problem for SERIAL, I
> am concerned about expecting users to user ::regclass in normal usage,
> and I am concerned about adding something we will have to support in the
> future when we come up with a better solution.  Why is regclass not
> being used automatically?

If we provide both nextval(text) and nextval(regclass), then the parser
will interpret "nextval('something')" as nextval(text) because that's
the more preferred resolution of an unknown-type literal.  The only way
to make regclass be used "automatically" would be to remove the
text-input variant.  That is where I want to go eventually, but it seems
pretty risky to jump there in one step.  The proposed patch adds
regclass-based functions alongside the existing functionality, so that
people can migrate as they choose; it does not open any risks of
breaking cases that work now.

                        regards, tom lane

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