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Bruce Momjian <pgman@candle.pha.pa.us> writes:
> Your patch has been added to the PostgreSQL unapplied patches list at:
>       http://momjian.postgresql.org/cgi-bin/pgpatches
> It will be applied as soon as one of the PostgreSQL committers reviews
> and approves it.

Before going down that path, I wanted to review the makefiles and see
whether quoting all occurrences of the path variables would be a
workable thing or not.  That would be more desirable, if it's not a
maintenance nightmare, because it'd solve the problem everywhere instead
of only for Windows --- and there is a real risk on, say, Darwin.

One idea that comes to mind is to just quote the variables at point of
creation --- that is, write something like

        override pkglibdir := "$(pkglibdir)"

in Makefile.global.  I haven't tried this to see if it'd work or not ...
any comments?  Would single or double quotes be most desirable?

                        regards, tom lane

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