Tom Lane wrote:
Here's an updated version of the patch.  There's now just one nextval()
function, taking regclass, and backwards compatibility is handled
through an implicit text-to-regclass cast.  Existing dumps will not see
any behavioral changes because nextval('foo') will be dumped as
nextval('foo'::text), but new entries of "nextval('foo')" will be
captured as regclass constants instead.

I noted that this version caused a couple more regression tests to fail;
for instance, the constraints test was expecting that it could drop and
recreate a sequence that was referenced by a default expression spelled
as "nextval('foo')".  So we are paying for improved ease of use by
taking a larger backwards-compatibility risk than the original patch

Last call for objections ...

No objection, but +1 from me. If this is the best solution people can agree on, better now than later. The missing dependencies for sequences were a bug in the first place, IMHO.

Best Regards,
Michael Paesold

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