Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> Well, as I said in the patch email:

>       The reported problem is that dblink_open/dblink_close() (for cursor
>       reads) do a BEGIN/COMMIT regardless of the transaction state of the
>       remote connection.  There was code in dblink.c to track the remote
>       transaction state (rconn), but it was not being maintained or used.

You should lose the remoteXactOpen flag entirely, in favor of just
testing PQtransactionStatus() on-the-fly when necessary.  Simpler,
more reliable, not notably slower.

With that change, the separate remoteConn struct could be dropped
altogether in favor of just using the PGconn pointer.  This would
make things notationally simpler, and in fact perhaps allow undoing
the bulk of the edits in your patch.  As-is I think the patch is
pretty risky to apply during beta.

                        regards, tom lane

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