Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:

If this were a Postgres problem I'd agree with you. But it isn't, really
- it's a Perl problem, which is properly documented in the Perl docs, to
which this note refers.

Well, it's really a problem with our implementation of pl/perl. I don't think
it's entirely fair to simply say it's a perl problem and point people at a
perldoc page. An example would definitely be nice - it is not as if the pl/perl
docs are growing out of control or anything. :)

Submit a patch then.

+1 on the 5.6 dependency: it came out in early 2000. By way of comparison,
PostgreSQL was at version 6.5.3 when perl 5.6 came out.

Sure. But there is an older, slightly more klunky, mechanism should work just as well in this case (see my script).

One more annoyance, while I'm here: what's with "spi_exec_query()"? Is that
the best name we could come up with? How about something short and simple,
in the same vein as "elog()", such as "sql()" ? :)

I don't much like it either. But it's there from 8.0, so we really shouldn't change it now. OTOH I don't like also having spi_query, but nobody has kicked up much. If we're going to change that we need to change it real fast.



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