Michael Fuhr wrote:

I took the liberty of making the following spelling changes for
consistency with the rest of the documentation, even though the
originals are the preferred spellings in some parts of the English-
speaking world.  I found only one or two instances of each; the
latter forms were far more common.

behaviour    => behavior
organisation => organization
recognised   => recognized
recognises   => recognizes

You seem to have lots of time on your hands if you can worry about this. How you spend it is your business, of course, but playing spelling cop doesn't seem worth it to me.

Is there an official spelling standard for PostgreSQL? If so, where is it stated? If we are going to adopt one I'd vote for the OED :-) I am so unconscious of it that it will be impossible for me to undo the habits of a lifetime, and I suspect I am not alone, so this would be a never ending battle.



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