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> You seem to have lots of time on your hands if you can worry 
> about this. 
> How you spend it is your business, of course, but playing 
> spelling cop 
> doesn't seem worth it to me.
> Is there an official spelling standard for PostgreSQL? If so, 
> where is 
> it stated? If we are going to adopt one I'd vote for the OED 
> :-) I am so 
> unconscious of it that it will be impossible for me to undo 
> the habits 
> of a lifetime, and I suspect I am not alone, so this would be a never 
> ending battle.

I'm inclined to agree, but then maybe that's because I'm about 8 miles
from Oxford right now, and spent years at school being told off for
spelling things in American.

Regards, Dave.

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