Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Previously, we set pg_krb5_server to NULL, which is something completely
> different than pg_krb_srvname=NULL (yes, they are named very closely,
> but they are completely different things).  krb5_sname_to_principal()
> was never called.
> This is what wasn't working for me.
> > I have applied the following patch which updates the 
> > documentation to reflect 'localhost', and improves the error 
> > message to always print the server name as well as the 
> > service name.  (We have had complaints about poor Kerberos 
> > error messages before.)
> This is not correct.
> The default is *not* "localhost". It's the "local host name". As in
> what's returned by gethostname().

Ah, local host name, not localhost.  Poor wording.  Text updated:

        If not set, the default is the server hostname.  See <xref
        linkend="kerberos-auth"> for details.  This parameter can only be set at
        server start.

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