Michael Fuhr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> "dates who's result" should be "dates whose result."

It's still horrible English :-(  A date hasn't got a result, much
less one that includes a daylight savings time adjustment period.
We should rewrite the entire paragraph.  Maybe

        Days that contain a daylight savings time adjustment are not 24
        hours, but typically 23 or 25 hours. This change creates a
        conceptual distinction between intervals of "so many days"
        and intervals of "so many hours".  Adding '1 day' to a timestamp
        now gives the same local time on the next day even if a daylight
        savings time adjustment occurs between, whereas adding '24 hours'
        will give a different local time when this happens.  For example:
                <same example>

                        regards, tom lane

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