> Chris Browne wrote:
>> We haven't seen any agreement emerge as to what is causing AIX 5.3 ML3
>> to fail to successfully build the release candidates.
>> However, a patch has emerged (thanks, Seneca!) that does allow it to
>> work, and which I'd expect to be portable (better still!).
>> We are still actively pursuing why it breaks, but supposing that still
>> remains outstanding, at least the following would allow AIX users to
>> better survive a build...
> I can confirm that with that patch applied 8.1RC1 builds and passes a
> complete run of the buildfarm-script(including plpython and with a
> simple makefile-fix plperl) compiled with gcc 4.0.2 and xlc.
> So I think we should definitly add this to the FAQ at least.

Actually, there is a reason NOT to apply the patch in general on all
platforms; it introduces logic (an if {} else {} statement) in a place
where there wasn't previously one, which *presumably* slows things
down somewhat.  I don't know if the memcpy() calls are invoked so
often as to make this material; it's hard to tell.
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