Tom Lane wrote:
Andreas Pflug <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Simon Riggs wrote:

Now we're into 8.2devel mode, its time to submit the previously
discussed patch that:
- reduces Numeric storage format by 2 bytes

This makes the often discussed binary upgrade impossible, so I wonder if two bytes savings are worth the trouble.

Unless someone actually steps forward and produces a working pg_upgrade
in the 8.2 timeframe, this objection is moot.

Hm, so if this patch is applied now, and in 5 months or so somebody implements pg_upgrade, this numeric storage patch would be rolled back? OTOH, an upgrade mechanism that's compatible for future 8.3+ versions only seems not too attractive. A solution might be to keep the current numeric implementation under a different name (deprecatednumeric or so), for backward compatibility (this should apply to future storage format changes as well).


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