Bruce Momjian wrote:
Mark Kirkwood wrote:

Simon Riggs wrote:

I like this, but not because I want to read it myself, but because I
want to make autovacuum responsible for re-allocating free space when it
runs out. This way we can have an autoFSM feature in 8.2

Not wanting to denigrate value of the interesting but slightly OT direction this thread has taken - but does anybody want to comment/review the patch itself :-) ....?

I saw this question about a transaction block and your reply:

but no new patch.  I know someone suggested pgfoundry but it seems most
natural in /contrib.  Do you want to update the patch?

In the expectation of further revisions, I was going to batch that one in with the 'rest' - given that there have not been any, I'll submit a revised patch.



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