On Mon, Nov 28, 2005 at 01:58:09PM -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> I have no problem with trying to make configure more selective about
> which libraries we need at all.  That's an orthogonal problem from
> what the backend makefile should try to filter out, though.  With
> respect to system libraries, I would think that the backend needs
> everything we need at all --- certainly everything to do with
> networking.  Threading support and readline are the only things
> I can see that are reasonable to omit from the backend link (and
> we already take care of the threading bit I believe).

Regarding the restrictions for backend libs, consider the attached
patch. It just filters out anything readline related. Threading LIBS
are not in the LIBS variable at all.

Regarding the other, this is the kind of thing the buildfarm would be
good for. Would it be possible to arrange for each buildfarm machine to
execute the following after successful completion and capture the
output? It only needs to be run once.

cd $SOURCEDIR/src/backend
rm postgres
make LIBS=-lm postgres

It'll produce a lot of output but for example on my linux machine the
only undefined symbols are from -ldl and -lcrypt. This would provide a
solid base on which to make improvements.

Thanks in advance,
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