I just applied most of your patch to 8.0, 8.1 and HEAD. The only thing I
didn't is:

diff -c -r1.7 memory.c
*** ecpglib/memory.c    15 Oct 2005 02:49:47 -0000      1.7
--- ecpglib/memory.c    16 Nov 2005 00:40:57 -0000
*** 11,17 ****
 ECPGfree(void *ptr)
!       free(ptr);
 char *
--- 11,18 ----
 ECPGfree(void *ptr)
!       if (ptr)
!               free(ptr);

 char *

Is there a reason why you changed this? Acocrding to the docs free(NULL)
does nothing anyway.

Also you mentioned:
seems we allow strdup() fails silently in various
places. Shall we do something about it?

Yes! Thanks for pointing this out. I already committed a patch that
changes alls strdup() calls to ECPGstrdup() calls that correctly raise
an error condition.

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