On 12/1/05, Bruce Momjian <pgman@candle.pha.pa.us> wrote:
> Where are we on this patch? Is it to be applied?

After Tom's advice (he was doubtful about the patch), while I was
thinking about how to improve the spectrum of tests, decided to use
src/test/mb. In the tests, patch just succeded for unicode and failed
on big5, euc_cn, euc_jp, euc_kr, euc_tw, mule_internal, sjis
encodings. Fails' reason can be my wrong configuration too. (I've made
tests on a both unicode and latin-5 encoded databases.)

AFAIC, euc* encodings break latin-n and fixed latin-n encodings break
euc*. Seems like a deadlock. Furthermore, I'm not aware of the status
of ICU (will it be applied with 8.2?), thus we can go a way through
like distributing latin-n fixed PostgreSQL sources/binaries on


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