Thanks for comments. I modified the patch.

Tom Lane wrote:
> Atsushi Ogawa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > (2)About processing when column identifier of SET clause is specified
> > like 'AAA.BBB'. 'AAA' is a composite column now. When an alias for
> > target table is supported, 'AAA' is a composite column or a table.
> > How do we distinguish these?
> You don't, which is why you can't put an alias on a SET target.

I stop applying an alias to a SET target.

> Increasing the reserved-ness of SET isn't real attractive either.

OK. I changed the syntax rule of an alias of UPDATE/DELETE target from
ColId to IDENT. This doesn't change reserved words though candidates
of that alias decreases.

--- Atsushi Ogawa

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