> Here is the commit:
>       revision 1.409
>       date: 2005/05/05 19:15:54;  author: momjian;  state: 
> Exp;  lines: +8 -2
>       On Win32, libintl replaces snprintf() with its own version that
>       understands arg control, so we don't need our own.  In fact, it
>       also uses macros that conflict with ours, so we _can't_ use
>       our own.
> So, I think it was Magnus who said that Win32 didn' need and 
> couldn't use our snprintf.  Magnus, any ideas?

I don't recall having said that. I can't promise I didn't, but if so I
don't remember why.

(And I do remember Nicolais fixes, so I think I should've thought of
that before saying something like that)


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