On 12/5/05, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> SELECT * FROM foo WHERE col > 4;
> SELECT * FROM foo WHERE col > 5;

Ofcourse two different SELECT queries are (probably) gonna return
different results. If this is the point you want to underline in the
documentation, just rip that sentence off.

From the documentation:
  ┬źNotice that two successive SELECT commands can see different data,
  even though they are within a single transaction, if other transactions
  commit changes during execution of the first SELECT.┬╗
It's not interesting to see "two different SELECT queries" will return
different results. As I understand from the above statement, the point
in here is that the "same SELECT queries" may return different results

Anyway, this what I understand from documentation. I just tried to
clarify the argument. If most of you think this just confuses more and
wrong, than just ignore the patch.

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