Patch applied to CVS HEAD and 8.1.X.  Thanks.


Joachim Wieland wrote:
> Hi,
> there's a paragraph in the ALTER TABLE reference page that reads:
>     This form drops constraints on a table. Currently, constraints on tables
>     are not required to have unique names, so there may be more than one
>     constraint matching the specified name. All matching constraints will be
>     dropped. 
> To my knowledge, it is no longer possible to create constraints with the
> same name for the same relation. When you create a constraint and specify
> the same name explictly, an error is raised. Implicit constraint creation
> won't choose an existing name either and up to now you could not rename a
> constraint. Renaming works with the patch I sent in a few hours ago but this
> patch as well won't allow constraints with identical names on the same
> relation.
> The attached patch thus removes the note in the docs.
> Joachim

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