Tom Lane wrote:

Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
One minor irritation is that the query string of prepared statements
created via SQL has "PREPARE ... AS" prefixed to it, whereas statements
prepared via the FE-BE protocol do not. This should probably be fixed,
but I can't see a clean way to do it: I think we'd need to munge the
actual SQL string itself and remove the "PREPARE ..." prefix. Thoughts?

BTW, pursuant to comments about David's proposal just now --- why is the
patch using text at all, rather than reverse-compiling the prepared
statement's querytree?

Well, I think for the driver or application, to recognize queries as their own, it seems much easier if the query is given exaclty as it was sent. I.e. even including PREPARE -- if it sent this way. I am not sure of the latter, but I would prefer to be given the original query string, PREPARE stripped or not.

This comment is based on my assumption -- hopefully correct -- that the querytree has indeed changed from the original query. E.g. removed redundant parenthesis, added casts, etc.

Best Regards,
Michael Paesold

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