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Nearly everyone seems to agree that the default for max_fsm_pages is woefully low, so I would like to have the default for this set unconditionally to 200,000 rather than 20,000. The cost would be just over 1Mb of shared memory, if the docs are correct. Alternatively, we could put this into the mix that is calculated by initdb, scaling it linearly with shared_buffers (but with the default still at 200,000).

I would also like to propose a more modest increase in max_connections and shared_buffers by a factor of 3.

I don't mind having initdb try larger values to see if they work, but
if you are suggesting that we try to force adoption of larger settings
I'll resist it.

OK, works for me. The only thing I suggested might be set in stone was max_fsm_pages; I always envisioned the others being tested as now by initdb.

"Factor of three" seems mighty weird. The existing numbers (100 and 1000)
at least have the defensibility of being round.

What numbers would you like? If what I suggested seems odd, how about targets of 400 connections, 4000 shared_buffers and 200,000 max_fsm_pages?

Here's a patch that does what I had in mind. On my modest workstation it tops out at 400 connections and 2500/125000 shared_buffers/max_fsm_pages. An idle postmaster with these settings consumed less than 4% of the 380Mb of memory, according to top, making it still dwarfed by X, mozilla, apache and amavisd among other memory hogs.

Comments welcome.



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