Luke Lonergan wrote:
> Bruce,
> On 12/27/05 10:20 AM, "Bruce Momjian" <> wrote:
> > OK, original patch applied to HEAD and smaller version to 8.1.X, and
> > regression test added, now attached.
> Great, good catch.
> Have you tested performance, before and after?
> The only good way to test performance is using a fast enough I/O subsystem
> that you are CPU-bound, which means >60MB/s of write speed.
> I'd be happy to get you an account on one.

I don't need to test performance because it is the same code, just with
macros and the two functions merged.  I do have an optimization for that
loop but I saw no improvement so I didn't apply it.  It was basically to
advance the pointer in a tight look just checking for \r, \n, and \\,
but it seems the larger loop isn't much slower than a tight one.

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