Joe Conway wrote:
However, there is a remaining oddity with dblink_fetch(). Basically, each time dblink_fetch() is called, the named cursor is advanced, even though an error is thrown before returning any rows. Is there a simple way to get the number of columns in the result, without actually advancing the cursor?

I thought I could work around this issue by obtaining the count returned for the FETCH using PQcmdTuples(), and then issuing a "MOVE BACWARD n..." in the case where the return tuple doesn't match. However I get an empty string:

(gdb) p str->data
$34 = 0x8a4e5a8 "FETCH 2 FROM rmt_foo_cursor"
(gdb) p PQcmdStatus(res)
$35 = 0x8a447c8 "FETCH"
(gdb) p PQcmdTuples(res)
$36 = 0x29dada ""

Any ideas why this isn't working?



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