From: "Magnus Hagander"
HOMEDIR = "C:/Documents and Settings/saito/Application Data/postgresql"
VERSION = PostgreSQL 8.1.1

HOMEDIR is a very bad name for this variable, since it's *not* the home
directory. It could easily be confused. If we put it in, I definitly
think it should be called something else.. (USERCONFDIR based on that we

Um, About a name, I think that it is right.

have SYSCONFDIR, perhaps?). Also, there is no reason not to include it
on Unix as well - it would actrually be much better to do that, in case
someone wants to write a script that relies on it.

It will be good to be clearly shown in all environments.
dir "C:/Documents and Settings/saito/Application Data/postgresql"

This would then be:
dir "%APPDATA%\postgresql"

which is actually much easier to use than getting it from pg_config,
since you can use the environment variable in any command you want.

Probably, there is a user who notices after the directory is shown.

Hiroshi Saito

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