Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> At first I was just going to continue allowing table-like permissions
> for sequences if a GRANT [TABLE] was used, and add the new
> USAGE/SELECT/UPDATE capability only for GRANT SEQUENCE.  The problem was
> that you could create a non-dumpable permission setup if you added
> DELETE permission to a sequence using GRANT TABLE, and USAGE permission
> using GRANT SEQUENCE.  That couldn't be dumped with TABLE or with
> SEQUENCE, and I didn't want to do a double-dump of GRANT to fit that,
> nor did I want to throw an warning during the dump run.

Just ignore the inapplicable permissions during pg_dump.  I think you're
making this harder than it needs to be...

>       test=> REVOKE DELETE ON seq, tab FROM PUBLIC;
>       WARNING:  invalid privilege type DELETE for sequence
>       ERROR:  DELETE privilege invalid for command mixing sequences and 
> non-sequences

This is just plain silly.  If you're going to go to that length, why not
rearrange the code to avoid the problem instead?

> Would someone look at the change in src/backend/catalog/pg_shdepend.c
> for shared dependencies?  We don't have any system catalog sequences let
> alone any shared catalog sequences, so I assume we are OK with assuming
> it is a relation.

We might have such in the future though.

                        regards, tom lane

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