I have a fairly simple extension I want to add to contrib. It is an XML
parser that is designed to work with a specific dialect.

I have a PHP extension called xmldbx, it allows the PHP system to
serialize its web session data to an XML stream. (or just serialize
variables) PHP's normal serializer is a non-standard home grown format
that it impossile to read. The xmldbx format may not be too much easier,
but I have a format document for it. I also have a PostgreSQL extension
that can take serialized data and use it in a query, like:

select xmldbx('data.userdata.id', sessions.data);

If the PHP variable has $userdata['id'] set to some varible in its session
data, it will be returned.

This allows a lot of flexability and a tight integration between
PostgreSQL and PHP.

For more information:
http://www.mohawksoft.org -- (The open source end of mohawk softare :-)

What do you all think?

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