Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> The problem is that for EXEC_BACKEND, which is the default for WIN32 and
> what I used for testing, progname is NULL because we do not set it after
> the fork/exec.  Most versions of printf report "(null)" for a null
> argument to printf("%s"), but our port/snprintf.c version aborts, which
> is probably better in terms of finding bugs.

Good catch.

> The attached patch fixes the problem by setting progname early in
> main(), like we do for all other applications.

It'd probably be best to strdup() argv[0], because of the likelihood
that the argv area will get clobbered at some point by ps_status.c.
It was OK to have a private static in postmaster.c, because the
postmaster doesn't ever call ps_status.c, but if we are going to expose
the variable in child processes it needs to be more globally valid.

I see that get_progname strdup's its argument in some cases but not
all --- so simplest fix is to make it always do so.

                        regards, tom lane

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