Joachim Wieland wrote:
> The proposed patch implements TRUNCATE ... CASCADE:
>   This is like DELETE CASCADE, but truncates.
> The patch also adds a function makeRangeVarFromRelId() to namespace.c that I
> thought would be useful. I hope I didn't overlook something similar that
> exists already.

That's the wrong way to go about it -- better refactor the code so that
a function gets a list of Oids instead of RangeVars, and truncates them.
ExecuteTruncate should build the list and pass it down.

Also I think all the involved relations should be opened and locked
before any of them is touched (so maybe instead of passing Oids you
should be passing Relations).

> + static
> + List* BuildReferencingRelationList(List* oids, List* found_earlier)

Minor stylistic gripe: this should be

static List *
BuildReferencingRelationList(List *oids, List *found_earlier)

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