> > Fine. I just wanted to make sure the decions was being made 
> in terms 
> > of logic, rather than Win32 cruft avoidance.  The previous 
> discussion 
> > was not clear on this point.
> I just came across another problem with this patch. It's not 
> complete :(
> You can *run* postgresql fine with it, but you can't run 
> initdb. Oops. 
> I'll look at completing it with an update to initdb. There's nothing
> *wrong* with the patch that's in the queue now (that I know 
> of, of course), so this is just an extension to it.

Attached is a patch for initdb only (the other patch stands unchanged).
It will make initdb re-exec itself with a restricted token when
available (since we can only control the security of subprocesses)

There's a bit of shared code with pg_ctl (but not all of the exec stuff,
because there is no need for a job object for initdb). I'm unsure if
it's worth putting something in src/port instead for it, so this version


Attachment: initdb_restricted.patch
Description: initdb_restricted.patch

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