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Is there a reason you didn't list the pl/PHP one? Seems appropriate for that list no?

On Mon, 6 Feb 2006, Joshua D. Drake wrote:


Attached is a patch to the README file to bring it a little more up to date with
current PostgreSQL.

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< The JDBC, ODBC, C++, Python, and Tcl interfaces have been moved to the
< PostgreSQL Projects Web Site at for separate
< maintenance.  A Perl DBI/DBD driver is available from CPAN.
> PostgreSQL has many language interfaces including some of the more
> common listed below:
> C++ -
> JDBC -
> ODBC -
> Perl -
> PHP -
> Python -
> Ruby -
> Other language binding are available from a variety of contributing
> parties.
> PostgreSQL also has a great number of procedural languages available,
> a short but not complete list is below:
> pl/c - Included in PostgreSQL core 
> plPgsql - Included in PostgreSQL core - Similar to Oracle PL/sql
> plPerl - Included in PostgreSQL core
> plPHP -
> plPython - Included in PostgreSQL core
> plJava -
> plTcl - Included in PostgreSQL core
<  For more information look at our web
>  For more information look at our web
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