> > Actually ecpg should not translate dollar quoting at all. I'm going to
> > fix this. Dollar quotes will then be send to the backend with
> > translation and the backend takes care of the rest.
> Well, CVS version before I modified it had "dolq" stuff in the lexer to
> handle dollar quotes and pass it as SCONST to the parser.

Yes, I know. This was buggy from the get go on IMO. :-)

> > Not sure, but there appears to be a bug in the routine that outputs a
> > statement. I will change that one as well and would ask you to just
> > check again. It seems to me that this also fixes your problem. I tried
> > with the one test case in this email and it seems to work. But then I'm
> > currently travelling and do not have that much spare time to test.
> The problem is that output.c does:
>       printf("abc
>       def");
> While some compilers are OK with that, others are not.  I changed it to
> output:
>       printf("abc\n\
>       def");

Okay, will look into this again. 

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