Bruce Momjian wrote:

> > > Oh, so C locale has "" for thousands_sep?  Hmm.  So there is no way to
> > > disinguish "" as "don't have" from "" as "don't want".  Will revert.
> > 
> > Possibly we could special-case C locale, and allow an empty string only
> > when not C locale.  However, it could be that there are other locales
> > where the change would surprise people, too :-(
> Not sure.  Peter stated the French locale was wrong for the Debian they
> were using, and he should know, so I am going to wait for  more feeback.

The baseline glibc sources from have
(in glibc-2.3.6/localedata/locales/fr_FR):

decimal_point             "<U002C>"
thousands_sep             ""
grouping                  0;0

So at first sight it's more a glibc issue rather than debian-specific.

However, this was filed as a bug in debian long ago. Incidentally, it got fixed
just this week, meaning that the future debian-glibc should use a space instead
of the empty string, as reported here:
Which is consistent with Peter's statement that it was wrong up to now, and also
with what the OP expected in the first place.

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