Neil Conway wrote:

Actually, don't worry about it -- I've made the corrections I had in mind myself. Attached is a revised patch. On looking closer, I didn't really like the way the patch accumulated the lines of the traceback: AFAICS _PyString_Join() is not an "official" Python C API function (it's not documented, at any rate), and besides it is cleaner and more efficient to build up the traceback string in a StringInfo rather than using Python lists and strings.

I like it.  You can tell I'm a python programmer, not a C programmer.


Are you sure this works: "PyString_AsString(lno)"? lno is a python integer object. Maybe we want, "PyString_AsString(PyObject_Str(lno))"

The attached patch isn't quite finished: "No Traceback" when there is no traceback information doesn't seem like the best message

OK, how about "There is no traceback information"

, I need to
update the regression tests and some comments, etc. But I plan to apply something similar in substance to the attached patch to HEAD in the next day or two, barring objections.

Thanks for your attention to this!

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