Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Applied to HEAD. I'm still not quite satisfied with the error message:

>   ereport(ERROR,
>           (errcode(ERRCODE_DATATYPE_MISMATCH),
>            errmsg("unexpected return value from plpython procedure"),
>            errdetail("void-returning functions must return \"None\"")));

> Suggestions for something better?

Yeah, "unexpected" doesn't seem the mot juste here.  Perhaps "invalid"
or "incorrect" (our message style guidelines seem to suggest "invalid"
as a good word in such cases).  Also, say "function" not "procedure"
because that's what it is in SQL terms.

Also, the errdetail doesn't follow the guideline that says detail
messages should be full sentences with proper capitalization and
punctuation.  Perhaps

        Functions returning type "void" must return "None".

                        regards, tom lane

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