> >>So yes, it looks like this patch will be needed. A very good catch, 
> >>Robert! This one has been annoying me for a long time!
> >>
> >>Tom - if you're unsure the patch fixes the problem, I'll 
> try to test 
> >>it soonest. But the problem definitly exists!
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >I have now tested the patch, and it does work. Didn't apply cleanly, 
> >most likely because the mailer (either yours or mine) messed up - 
> >probably with the tabs. Attached is a version as an attachment which 
> >should survive this (win32_tty.patch).
> >
> >This patch fixes a longstanding issue. Anybody who has a 
> \dev directory 
> >on the drive that happens to be current when executing psql will get 
> >broken password authentication without any error msg. I beleive this 
> >bug is responsible for most, if not all, the reports of this kind of 
> >issue we've seen on win32.
> >
> >The only reason we don't se eit all the time is that c:\dev isn't a 
> >very common directory on win32. But I'm sure several 
> packages doing "I 
> >wanna look like unix" stuff creates one (cygwin, which 
> breaks a lot of 
> >other things, doesn't though - they stick thereis in the cygwin 
> >directory. but there are others)
> >
> >
> >Now, this bug can in theory affect all platforms not just 
> win32 - any 
> >platform where /dev/tty is not a file, or when it doesn't 
> exist but can 
> >be created (in which case it will be created the first time you run 
> >psql, and then it'll be used later). I've attached a second 
> version of 
> >the patch (alternate_tty.patch) which I think could help in 
> this case.
> >But I haven't tested it on != win32.
> >(Specifically, it's bad that we open /dev/tty for writing even if we 
> >failed it for reading (that will create a new file), and 
> that we don't 
> >check if it's a tty at all).
> >
> >
> >Since this bug is fairly bad for win32, please apply 
> whichever version 
> >of this patch you prefer to HEAD and also to both 8.0 and 
> 8.1 branches.
> >
> >  
> >
> >
> Maybe we should stat the file and check that it's actually a 
> character special device.

Wouldn't isatty() perform that kind of check already?


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