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Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:
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> Attached is a patch to hopefully make pg_dump a lot more useful.
> I started out by making it simply able to avoid dumping a single
> table, but, inspired by David Fetter's patch last November, also
> added in support for multiple items and limited wildcard matching.
> -n and -N control the schemas, and -t and -T control the tables.
> Wildcards can be a star at the start, the end, or on both sides
> of a term. The patch acts inclusively with conflicts: the -t
> option trumps the -N option.
> Some examples:
> To dump all tables beginning with the string "slony", plus
> all tables with the word "log" inside of them:
> pg_dump -t "slony*" -t "*log*"
> To dump all schemas except "dev" and "qa", and all tables
> except those ending in "large":
> pg_dump -N "dev" -N "qa" -T "*large"
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