Bruce Momjian wrote:

Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:
Here's a first draft patch for DROP ... IF EXISTS for the remaining cases, namely: LANGUAGE, TABLESPACE, TRIGGER OPERATOR CLASS, FUNCTION, AGGREGATE, OPERATOR, CAST and RULE.
At what point does this stop being useful and become mere bloat?
The only case I can ever recall being actually asked for was the
TABLE case ...
Chris KL said it should be done for all on the grounds of consistency. But I will happily stop right now if that's not the general view - I'm only doing this to complete something I started.
Well, my use-case was to be able to wrap "pg_dump -c" output in begin/commit tags and being able to run and re-run such dumps without errors. Basically I don't like 'acceptable errors' when restoring dumps :) They just confuse newer users especially.

I also just like consistency :)

Makes sense.

What's the consensus on this? Nobody else has chimed in, so I'm inclined to do no more on the gounds of insufficient demand. Let's decide before too much bitrot occurs, though.



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