> > Was there ever a decision in "the libcurl thread"?
> No, not yet.
> Personally I'm unconvinced that we should depend on libcurl: if it's
> going to use openldap to do LDAP work, then the only good 
> reason to use libcurl rather than openldap directly is if there's some

> clear use-case for libcurl's other features.  Which no one had
presented AFAIR.  I'm
> still willing to be convinced though.

I'm almost done with implementing a patch that recognizes LDAP URLs in
pg_services.conf and queries an LDAP server for a connection option

Currently I'm coding against libldap, and I intend to submit the patch
that way. If there are loud calls for another library, I think I could
adapt the code without much hassle.

The only other protocol I can think of that might make sense is
HTTP, but I personally have never heard of a web server employed
that way.

Laurenz Albe

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