Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Jonah H. Harris wrote:

Now, one may argue that it's incorrect/bad application-design to not use
fully qualified names, however, there are cases (especially in VERY large
database applications) where you do not want to use fully qualified naming.
In PostgreSQL, the alternative to synonyms is to have a monstrous search
path $user, public, HR, AP, AR, GL, FA, COMMON...  Not that we have Oracle
Applications running on PostgreSQL, but 11i has something like 130+? schemas
which would be pretty nasty and semi-unprofessional as a search_path rather
than as something defined similar to synonyms.

Well, if you don't want to have a monstrous search path with 130+
schemas, then you'll have a monstrous amount of synonyms.  Given that
schemas are a way to separate the object namespace, it seems more
sensible to me to propagate the user of reasonable search paths than the
use of hundreds (thousands?) of synonyms.

synonyms are easier to handle for an application - adding the search path to an existing application can be too intrusive and error prone.


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