Bruce Momjian <> writes:
>> 3) Fix the handling of commands with not closed brackets, quotes, double 
>> quotes. (now those commands are not splitted in parts...)

Really?  CVS tip seems to treat a multiline command as a single history
entry *unless* it contains newlines within quoted strings (including
single, double, dollar quotes) or newlines within /* comments.

I think this patch is seriously broken, and I don't agree with what it's
trying to accomplish in the first place --- I still haven't found any
cases where it's an improvement to pull back multiple lines as one
history entry.  For example, if you made a mistake on the fifth line of
a ten-line CREATE TABLE command, the current code makes it extremely
inconvenient to fix that: you have to back-arrow or forward-arrow
tediously over five lines, where before you could pull back one line at
a time and just edir the line that needed fixing.

I'm still a vote to revert the patch altogether.  But there is no theory
under which the current behavior is sane.

                        regards, tom lane

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