Tom Lane wrote:

> The change in behavior would actually be in libpq, because it's
> PQerrorMessage that is doing the deed (assuming a reasonably modern
> server and libpq).  What I was considering proposing was that we migrate
> the error-cursor feature out of psql and into PQerrorMessage.  This
> would mean that you'd get responses like
> ERROR:  column "foo" does not exist
> LINE 1: select foo from a;
>                ^

This doesn't work on terminal using a variable-width font, does it?
Sure, you can have all the interfaces use a monospace font, but it seems
a weird thing to do.  I think the line/character position should be
returned in a separate error attribute in ereport.  So for example
pgAdmin could count characters and mark it in bold or use a different

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