> Hello
> this small patch allow use sql for creating wrappers others void functions.
> Currently void SQL function have to be empty.
> create or replace function foo(int) returns void as ' ','' language c ..;
> create or replace function foo() returns void as $$ select foo(10);
> $$language sql;
> regards
> Pavel

i'm not clear on what the use case of this can be... of course, my
opinion is not very important :)

First. I write bigger C library - implementation of some dbms_packages and plvision packages. I don't expect using plpgsql. I have a lot of void functions. Usually set_...unset_ with and I need sql language for createing wrappers for default values. That's all. Second. The logic in PostgreSQL is wrong now. Is too hard and too simple. I can get VOID value via SELECT void function too.


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