Mark Kirkwood wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:

I do notice a rather serious shortcoming of pg_freespacemap in its
current incarnation, which is that it *only* shows you the per-page free
space data, and not any of the information that would let you determine
what the FSM is doing to filter the raw data.  The per-relation
avgRequest and lastPageCount fields would be interesting for instance.
Perhaps there should be a second view with one row per relation to
carry the appropriate data.

Ok - I did wonder about 2 views, but was unsure if the per-relation stuff was interesting. Given that it looks like it is interesting, I'll see about getting a second view going.

This patch implements the second view for FSM relations. I have renamed the functions and views to be:


This patch depends on the previous one (which was called simply 'pg_freespacemap.patch').



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