On Apr 01 07:07, Neil Conway wrote:
> One question about behavior: in the attached patch, omitting an argument
> to \connect or specifying "-" are treated equivalently -- the value for
> that parameter from the previous connection is used, otherwise NULL (for
> the libpq default). Is this what people want? (One possible complaint is
> that once you specify a parameter, you can't get back to the libpq
> default without specifying it explicitly.)

Won't it be better if we distinguish between "default" and "current"
value of a parameter with '-' (for the "current") and '+' (for the
"default") characters? For example:

  \c + - hst
  Connect to "default" database with "current" user on host hst.
  (Omitted values can be treated as "current".)

  \c + + hst -
  Connect to "default" database with "default" user on host hst on
  "current" port.

So we'll still have chance to get back to the libpq defaults.


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