>>> "Magnus Hagander" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 04/06/06 7:26 pm >>>

> BTW, what's with the change to all the error msgs?
Ah, I'd assumed the %ui was a typo in the format string.  If the intent
was to print e.g. 10022i, I'll change it back.

> And finally, the error handling looks a bit off? We specifically
> want it to log an error for the WSAECONNRESET state - it's a normal
> state. Or am I reading the patch wrong?
If error is WSAECONNRESET, the return value is reset to zero.  That
will prevent an error message from being displayed (unless I'm reading
something wrong).

> Do you get anything at all in the logs when this happens? Are you
> the reason is that it picks up an empty file, or could it be
> else?
There is nothing in the logs.  It could definitely be something else. 
A rename race condition was just our best theory.


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