2006/4/15, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> s/prominently/at all/ ... I don't think the proposed patch is an
> improvement, and in fact see nothing wrong with the use of "parameter"
> here.  If we want to abandon "parameter" as the official documentation
> term for GUC variables, then there are dozens or hundreds of changes
> to be made in config.sgml, to say nothing of other files.

In for example set.sgml, just "name" is used for the exact same
concept. I changed the patch so that "varname" is used, because "name"
was already in use by this specific grammar. Maybe the usage of "var"
makes it less clear indeed, for people that know that those things are
always referred to as "parameters" and never as "variables". But then,
leaving it as-is doesn't solve the apparently occuring confusion
between "parameter" the GUC and "parameter" the "parameter to the
statement", as we have had at least three people in #postgresql that
made that exact mistake.


Nicolas Barbier

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